The Top Industries in Estevan

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The Top Industries in Estevan

Estevan, Saskatchewan is rapidly emerging as one of the top centres for industry in Canada today, and many different trades are thriving here as a result. Many major industries such as oil and gas exploration as well as mining and power generation have already established a firm foothold in the community and surrounding areas. This development of industry in the area has led to an increase in business over the years, as agriculture and business retail have continued to thrive thanks to the surrounding industries and the commerce they generate. In addition to being a great place to live, Estevan is quickly becoming one of the best places to find a job in Canada, mainly thanks to our many thriving industries.

Oil & Gas

The latest technological developments in oil and gas exploration and production have made Estevan a hotspot for the oil and gas industries in recent years. Natural gas and oil that was previously deemed unobtainable has now been accessed, leading to an increase in production and industry employment in the area. The oil and natural gas deposits that in 1995 were thought to be inaccessible are now being extracted and processed. Recent estimates believe there is a potential to produce over 6 billion barrels of oil from the deposits discovered in an area known as The Bakken play, which is significantly more than the known oil deposits in Saudi Arabia. With over 6000 oil wells within a 160km radius of Estevan, there is really no wonder why this city has become a hub for major industry and commerce.


In Estevan, mining goes back as far as the 19th century, with the first coal mine being established as early as 1891. Since that time, the coal industry has continued to flourish, with some mines reaching depths as low as 90 feet underground. While it is true that the mining in the area is carried out exclusively by a single company today, they are still pulling approximately 8 million tonnes of coal out of the ground each year, with no drop off in sight.

Power Generation

With the abundance of coal in the region, comes a significant amount of energy production. There are two power stations that can be found around Estevan, and both burn coal to generate electricity. The Boundary Dam Power Station, originally commissioned in 1959, and the Shand Power Station which was later commissioned in 1992 generate over 1000 megawatts of electricity between each other every year. While these stations do rely on fossil fuels to generate power, they are among the most efficient and innovative coal powered stations, having created advanced filtration systems and greenhouse gas storage systems to vastly reduce the station’s total emissions.

Agriculture and Commercial Business

It’s no secret that Estevan is located in one of the most fertile areas of the country when it comes to agricultural production, particularly wheat. This industry has remained strong for a long time, and should continue to thrive as the demand for wheat crops remain high. In addition to the thriving agricultural industry, Estevan boasts a number of prominent retail and commercial businesses that can meet the demands of virtually any consumer.
Starting out in any new city can seem like a daunting task at first, but with all the opportunities that can be found in a thriving city like Estevan, starting a successful career has never been easier. For more information about how you can get started here, feel free to check out our website or visit our Facebook page.

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