Top 5 restaurants in Estevan

The Top 5 Restaurants in Estevan

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Finding a great place to eat in Estevan isn’t too hard at all. The only thing you may have difficulty doing is choosing which great restaurant you want to try first! To help you with the choice, we have prepared a brief list and descriptions of the top five restaurants in Estevan. As for which one you will try first, we will have to leave that up to you!

Tower Café, 1124 4th Street

For friendly service and quality food at an affordable price, Tower Café makes the ideal choice. Nearly every review of the restaurant includes comments on the friendliness of the staff, and the efficiency of the service. Tower Café offers breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout the day, making it a favourite for locals looking for a quick and satisfying meal as well as people passing through town. The menu selection includes staples such as beef dip sandwiches and handmade pizza along with gluten free options for people with dietary restrictions. This place can quickly become one of your favourite spots in Estevan.

Wicklow Café, 1133 4th Street

Just down the street from Tower Café, you will find another clean and quiet place to sample some delicious Korean style BBQ. For those who like a little change from their everyday diet, Wicklow Café offers a great selection of freshly prepared Asian cuisine which includes a buffet that features everything from sushi to tempura to spicy Korean BBQ. This restaurant is among some of the more expensive locations in Estevan, but many patrons and reviewers find the high quality of the food to be well worth the additional cost.

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Original Joe’s, 421 King Street

For a livelier atmosphere and a great selection of off the grill favourites, Original Joe’s is a fantastic place to visit. Despite all the excitement, the staff are very attentive and accommodating, and are part of the reason why the place has such a great atmosphere. The food is reasonably priced, and portions are usually very generous, especially for menu items that are good for sharing like the nacho platter. Although the restaurant is fairly new to Estevan, it has already established itself as a local favourite for its great service, lively atmosphere and large selection of quality food to choose from on the menu.

Black Beard’s Family Restaurant, 1305 9th Street

Attached to the Days Inn, this restaurant is the ideal place to go for a nice home style meal at an affordable price. Be sure to grab a table quickly though, as many locals have made Black Beard’s into their regular spot for dining out. Patrons will enjoy a clean and friendly atmosphere, while enjoying a great selection of quality favourites such as burgers, sandwiches, soups and salads.

Fired Up Grill Food & Drink, 76 Souris Avenue

The top rated restaurant in Estevan is this steakhouse and pizzeria that features a comfortable lounge where patrons can enjoy a great selection of some of the best foods and unique alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks available in Estevan. The service here is also known as being among the best in the city, as wait staff are prepared to help patrons with menu selections and the owners are known to circulate throughout the dining room and engage patrons with friendly conversation that adds to the welcoming atmosphere they have established over the years. Although the menu is somewhat expensive, there are plenty of items to choose from that will suit most preferences and dietary restrictions, and portions and food quality itself, along with the positive dining experience patrons receive here makes it well worth the expense to enjoy a meal here.


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