Renter's rights in Estevan, Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Rental Rights

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Do You Know The Estevan Property Rental Rights?

We all need a place to live and a roof over our heads. And while there is a lot put on the idea of owning your own home, that option is not for everybody. In some cases, a person can not afford to buy. In other cases, a person is happier to rent.

Unfortunately it is not uncommon for a rental situation to turn sour. Sure, it would be great if we could just all get along all the time, sometimes tense situations come up. And while the stigma is often against them, renters are not always at fault. There are countless cases of landlords evicting tenants without proper notice, or charging for things like repairs that weren’t discussed, or even changing the rules midway through a rental agreement.

Renters Have Considerable Rights

Some people assume that landlords have the upper hand, but renters have considerable rights as well. Just because a renter is living in a space that someone else owns, doesn’t mean that they are subject to the whims of a landlord.

On the other hand, landlords need to protect their investments. What if, for example, a tenant is not paying rent, or is disrupting the neighbourhood with regular loud parties, or is running an illegal business out of their home. Landlords also have rights to ensure that in certain situations, they are allowed to do what’s best for them.

Learn The Residential Tenancies Regulations

That is why there are rules and laws doled out by governing bodies. In Estevan, the province of Saskatchewan oversees the rights of both the tenants and the landlords. The governing body is called the Office of Residential Tenancies and it lays out each party’s rights in legislation called The Residential Tenancies Regulations.

It is very useful information to have. Did you know, for example, that if a landlord wants to enter an occupied rental suite, he or she is “required to provide the tenant with 24 hours advance notice in writing for entry that takes place between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. specifying a four hour period when they will be entering the premises.” (There is an exception in the case of emergencies.) But this rule is good for tenants to know in case they feel pressured by a landlord to open their doors at any time.

The Residential Tenancies Regulations outlines everything a tenant might need to know about his or her rights. Things like leases, deposits, keys, repairs, and rental increases. It protects a tenant from getting unlawfully evicted, but also protects landlords if a tenant is late with rent or acting in violation of the rules.

What Happens If There Is A Dispute?

If there are any disputes that are not clearly outlined by the rules in the Residential Tenancies Regulations, the Office of Residential Tenancies might get involved. Both the tenant and the landlord can apply to have their cases looked at.

Of course, not all landlords are out to get their tenants and not all tenants are out to upset their landlords. It is actually in both of their interests to keep each other happy. However, if a situation does come up, as a renter, you might think you are in a more vulnerable situation because your living space is at risk.

No one wants to see anyone on the street though, and the province has reason to protect tenants. As a renter, knowledge is power, and that is why tenants should stay informed on what their rights are.

Having a safe and well maintained living space is important for people. And just because a person is renting, doesn’t mean they should be taken advantage of. That is why a governing body like the Office of Residential Tenancies is so important. They include all their information online and they are available by phone as well.

If you are considering renting a home in Estevan, be sure to inform yourself of your rights. If you are looking for a rental property run by well-informed and highly considerate professionals, give us a call at Estevan Rental Properties to see what beautiful furnished apartments we have on offer.

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