Green Standards

Why Marisa Condos of Estevan is Green

The Marisa Condos prides itself on our LEED and Energy Star certification and is committed to a greener modular building. We produced the first and only modular LEED Gold certified Condos in Estevan in 2014. With our expertise in NAHB National Green Building Program standards and reducing our carbon footprint.
There are four primary areas of green modular construction that we focus on to reduce the impact on our environment:

• Water consumption
• Energy and atmosphere
• Indoor air quality
• Sustainability


Water Consumption

Seventy percent of water usage in the Canada comes from the residential sector. We reduce water usage in the home with low flow fixtures, dual flush toilets, low usage toilets and efficient water distribution designs.

Energy and Atmosphere

The residential sector consumes 22% of energy in Canada. We maximize energy efficiency in the home with high-performance, Energy Star listed windows and Energy Star lighting fixtures with occupancy and dimmer switches. Factory measures ensure we have tightly sealed connections to minimize air leakage in the home and improve energy efficiency. We also integrate efficient water distribution and pipe insulation, high efficiency HVAC systems and mastic-sealed duct-work connections into our construction process.

Indoor Air Quality

Without proper ventilation, indoor air quality pollutants can be up to five times higher than those outdoors. To enhance the indoor air quality, we have used Low VOC materials, paints, glues, and sealers with no added urea formaldehyde, install air exchange systems that allow a controlled method of providing air exchanges in your Condo and ensure there is no moisture in the walls which can lead to mold and other indoor air quality issues.


Using sustainable materials and products with recycled content are some of the ways we offer the people of Estevan a “green building”. We utilize efficient framing standards and design for engineered wood building components wherever we can. During the construction of the Marisa Condos, waste was minimized and tightly controlled. We have delivered to Estevan a LEED or Energy Star certified project. We strive to keep the environment clean and green, one rental property at a time.

Quality, Specifications & Warranty


Thank you for considering our new Estevan Condominium residential Development. We are proud of our building. It has been designed and built exceeding quality standards of all traditional wood frame construction buildings similar of its kind in Canada. It also boasts a small carbon footprint as it was manufactured with minimal waste and efficiently. It is acoustically superior for sound barriers in common areas and dwelling spaces. The exterior building envelope is also of EFIS design quality.

Plumbing, Heating Specifications & Finishing

– Efficient Hydronic Radiant Baseboard Heaters;
– Amana Efficient Air Conditioned Cooling System with Hydronic Heat
– Large Capacity Boiler Water Heating System
– Individual Bedroom Thermostats
– Comfort Water Softener
– Aquatic 60″ Fiberglass Tub with Full Fiberglass surround
– Mansfield Low Flow, Elongated Toilet
– Long Lasting Moen Faucets
– Private Deck for Each Suite
– Full Lite Deck Door with Blinds
– Dark brown Duradek decking

Structural & Interior Features

– 2” x 6” Exterior Walls
– Quiet, Insulated Floor/Ceiling Assembly
– R-40 Blown Roof Insulation in Attic
– Spacious 9’ Wall Heights in all Suites
– Flexitec Wood grain Resilient Sheet Flooring throughout
– Shaw Hayward Carpet with 8# pad in Living Room & Bedrooms
– All Black Appliances
– Whirlpool 17.6 cu. ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator
– Whirlpool 30″ Freestanding Coil Top Electric Range – Black
– Whirlpool Full Console Dishwasher with 12-Place Settings
– Whirlpool 1.7 Cubic Feet Microwave with Exterior Exhausting Hood Fan
– Thermo-foil European Full Overlay Mocha Cabinetry
– High Definition Laminate Counter Tops
– Six Inch Ceramic Tile Back Splash
– Craftsman Door Casing Detail
– Wide Baseboard Moldings
– Dual Data Port (Cat 6 Wiring, Coaxial Cable & Phone) Living room & Each Bedroom

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