5 things to do in estevan this spring

5 Things to Do In Estevan This Spring

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Estevan, Saskatchewan is a gem of a town, as any of it’s good natured citizens will be happy to tell you. Maybe their friendly disposition comes from all the Vitamin D they get—the charming town of 11,000 or so is the sunniest city year-round in Canada. It also boasts the enviable title of having the clearest skies year round in the country.

If that’s not reason enough to visit Estevan, here at Estevan Condo Rentals, we’ve complied a list of the five best things to do in Estevan this spring.

1. Enjoy Estevan’s beautiful golf courses. Golfing in the prairies is a unique experience, you’ll find yourself under endless skies, surrounded by gorgeous greens. Whether you are looking for a fun and family friendly nine hole course, or a more challenging 18 hole adventure, Estevan has what you’re looking for.

2. Venture to Estevan’s many camp sites for an outdoor adventure. There is nothing quite like camping in the prairies, with the unique wildlife and peaceful atmosphere. Remember those clear skies we mentioned? Well, camping underneath a clear sky in Saskatchewan is an amazing experience, you might be able to see the Milky Way or spot constellations you’ve only read about. Whether you’ve got a trailer or a tent, you won’t want to miss camping in Estevan.

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3. Check out some motor sports. Maybe you need a little more excitement than camping has to offer, and lucky for you, Estevan has a thriving motor sports community. Watch a race on the Estevan Motor Speedway or look for events put on by the Estevan Drag Racing Association. The cars are sure get your motor revving! Or if two wheels are more your thing, check out Trackside MX, they hold heart pounding motocross races that are a thrill to watch.

4. Spend a day in the park. Estevan has a number of beautiful parks to enjoy so pack a picnic and a book, or gloves and a ball, or a towel if you’re visiting the Royal Heights Veterans Memorial Park where you can cool down in the new splash park. Estevan’s sun soaked parks are a wonderful treat on a spring day.

5. Head down to Savour the Southeast Festival. If adventures in food and drink is more your speed, you won’t want to miss this premiere event. Food and alcohol vendors from around the province venture to Estevan to participate in this unique event. Savour the Southeast Festival is a celebration of what Saskatchewan has to offer, you’ll be able to sample offerings from microbreweries to larger scale operations and see what makes this province so special.

So whether you’re just passing through or are a lifelong citizen of the Estevan, we hope you will find these suggestions as exciting as we do. And if you’re passing by the Estevan Condo Rentals office, stop in and say hi. You’re sure to get a friendly response in return!

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