5 Things to Do in Estevan

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Looking for things to do in Estevan?

With its long history, the Saskatchewan city of Estevan attracts many visitors. Settled by 1899, Estevan grew prosperous by mining, an industry that continues today. While many tourists visit to enjoy tours of the mining operations, the city also boasts a wide array of other attractions to check out. If you are planning to visit Estevan in the near future, be sure to consider these activities, which are among the most popular things to do in the city.

Energy Tours

Estevan attracts many people to its coal mines. Visitors to the city enjoy taking guided energy tours that showcase the mining industry and how it still powers much of the region around Estevan today. The tours are enjoyable for people of all ages and they’re also free. The tours are designed to be uniquely exciting as well as informative, so be sure to add one to your travel itinerary.

Hunting and Fishing

Estevan rental properties attract many hunting and fishing groups aside from general tourists to the area. If you enjoy outdoor sport like hunting and fishing, you’ll find that the city’s surrounding woodlands are abundant with mule deer, moose, and elk. If you want to do some fishing when you’re in town, your chances of catching walleye, northern pike, and yellow perch are excellent.


When you visit Estevan, be sure to set aside time to visit the Souris Valley Museum and the Estevan Art Gallery and Museum. Two of the city’s most popular cultural attractions, these venues can easily be viewed in the same day. The Souris Valley Museum showcases local and regional history. The art museum, on the other hand, collects contemporary art. Infuse your visit to the city with some local culture and be sure to check out these venues.

Motorsport Fun

Estevan is a popular destination for motorsport enthusiasts. During the winter, the city attracts throngs of snowmobilers who find hours of enjoyment on the groomed trails. The city is also home to the Estevan Motor Speedway and a popular off-road motorcycle park. Whether you’re an active participant at the motorsport events or are content to be a spectator, you’ll enjoy all the racing action to be found here.

Outdoor Fun

Estevan is a great place to do some hiking and camping. Many families also enjoy water sports near the Rafferty and Boundary Dams. The water features of Estevan are perfect for swimming and boating. Others enjoy golf or practicing their swing on the driving ranges. If you want to experience some indoor sport, the Estevan Leisure Center is equipped with a large swimming pool and water slide.


People enjoy Estevan for a wide array of reasons. The city is even home to great restaurants and shopping centers. Estevan rental properties are affordable, so you’ll likely find accommodations that suit you quite easily if you prefer to avoid the hotels. Don’t forget to check out the city’s events calendar when you’re in town. There are many activities and events throughout the year that visitors are sure to enjoy.

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